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1) [Reset] を押すとアプリ内部でデッキのカードが1から順番に並びます。

2) [Shuffle] を押すとアプリ内部でカードがシャッフルされます、納得するまで何回か押してください。

デッキの残り枚数が少なくなる等で、途中で切り上げて再度占いたい場合は 1) からの手順を繰り返してください。

4) [Setting] を押すと設定画面が出ますので、枚数やシャッフル方法を設定してください。

デッキ全体をシャッフルしたい場合は、一度 [Reset] を押してから続いて [Shuffle] を押してください。








One oracle.

It is supposed to be used by shuffling before going out for shopping and drawing a card on the spot when you are at a loss when purchasing a product while shopping.

Please use it when you feel a little lost in your daily life (color of clothes you wear, Western food or Japanese food, etc.).

* It is difficult to carry a tarot deck and draw it on the go, but I think you can easily draw a card with a smartphone or the like.
Please bookmark the One Oracle page and use it.

* When fortune-telling, please fortune-telling with one question and one answer.
Please make your own choices and judgments based on the result of drawing the card so that you do not become addicted to fortune-telling.

Operation method

1) Press [Reset] to arrange the cards in the deck in order from 1 inside the app.

2) Press [Shuffle] to shuffle the card inside the app, press it several times until you are satisfied.

3) Double tap on the card image to draw the card, single tap to display the meaning of the card.
When you finish drawing all the cards, you will be returned to the back design image.
If you want to round up and fortune-telling again because the number of remaining decks is running low, repeat the procedure from 1).

4) Press [Setting] to display the setting screen. Set the number of sheets and shuffle method.

Note) Shuffle is applied to the remaining cards, you can draw n cards and then shuffle the remaining cards.
If you want to shuffle the entire deck, press [Reset] once, then [Shuffle].
To start using, [Reset] → [Shuffle] → double tap on the card image
After that, double tap on the card image is repeated.

Note) The first card displayed when the page is closed and reopened is the last card that was drawn.
Please do not misunderstand it as it is not a newly drawn card. ..

Note) If you perform rough operations such as repeated hits, the processing may not be in time depending on the model and communication speed, and the operation may become strange.

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